How to watch World Cup 2014 on CBC from outside Canada

World Cup Brazil onlineCBC broadcasted from the Winter Olympics earlier in 2014, and it was awesome to watch the Canadians play, especially the ice-hockey team. I watched some of their matches online from Europe on CBC, and I am planning on watching World Cup 2014 matches as well online on CBC from Europe. How can I do so?

World Cup 2014 on CBC from abroad

The Canadian channel CBC has live streams available and it seems as if those will be possible to watch during the FIFA World Cup as well. However, to watch them you will need to have a Canadian IP address, and even though it might sound like a hard request and almost impossible, it is much easier than you think to get yourself a Canadian IP address. Based on personal experience and testing the VPN provider IPVanish is brilliant if you need a Canadian IP address. They have several servers in Canada, all with high speeds, meaning that as you sign up for their VPN services and connect to one of the servers in Canada, you will get yourself a Canadian IP address and you will be able to watch CBC online from outside Canada.Visit IPVanish website

It is really easy, and if you follow these steps you can watch all matches from the World Cup 2014 broadcasted on CBC online easily and quickly. For a full World Cup 2014 schedule, click the link.

It can be useful to know that IPVanish has a full refund policy if you complain within seven days, so there is no risk in trying this method at all!

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