CBC outside Canada – Easy! Watch this video!

I live in Europe, but I often visit the CBC website to watch TV shows and live streams there. But, what did I do to get rid of the error message saying that “This content is temporarily unavailable. Please try again!“? It was really easy. Take a look at this 3-minute video to find out what I did! Visit the PureVPN website and watch CBC, just like I did in the… Read More »

The Summer Olympics is closing up

It is July 24th and the time for the Summer Olympics is closing up. CBC will broadcast the Summer Olympics in Canada, and millions will gather to watch. But, what can we expect from the Canadian team? I have earlier written an article telling you how you can watch the Summer Olympics online on CBC from outside Canada, so if you want information on that just press the link. Canada… Read More »

Can I watch Coronation Street on CBC overseas?

I am a big fan of CBC and always watch new episodes of Coronation Street online on the CBC website. Can I watch the episodes overseas as well? As you might now CBC uses a so called geo-block to make sure that people outside Canada can not watch their streams of different live events or programs on demand from their library, like Coronation Street. As you might know you can… Read More »