Watch CBC from abroad

CBC is one of the best TV channels in the world and they have fantastic programs available in their CBC Player. Besides those programs CBC often broadcast live from sports events, and to enjoy both live streams and programs in the CBC Player you need to do some small stuff.

If you want to watch CBC from abroad, in other words to watch CBC from outside Canada, either a live stream or a program available in the CBC Player, you will need to get a Canadian IP address. My favorite tool which gives me a Canadian IP address is IPVanish, so if you are in a hurry, just visit their website and sign up for their service. Download their program and connect to a server in Canada, and you will get yourself a Canadian IP and after restarting your browser you can watch all content in the CBC Player and of course available live streams.Visit IPVanish website

CBC online with and without a Canadian IP address

If you try to watch CBC Player online without a Canadian IP address, you will probably see something similar to this picture.

CBC unavailable

The CBC stream does not start, and I get a message that this video is not available at the moment.

Watching Coronation Street on CBC

Easy to watch CBC from abroad with a VPN provider like IPVanish.

So, as I try to watch for example Coronation Street in the CBC Player online it just does not start, then I heard an error message voice telling me that the video is not available, and then suddenly it showed up a “restart” button again. That is when I opened IPVanish and connected to one of their servers in Canada to get myself a local Canadian IP address, and then once again I opened the same video, and then this is what I could see (after commercials which of course showed up first).

This is easy and it is quick, so you can watch great content online within minutes as you do so. And it is working great! Watch Olympics, World Cup and other cool stuff as well as normal programs in the CBC Player using this method!

Visit the IPVanish website to get going!
Visit IPVanish website